Ecologic version

Below is shown the operating diagram for our grain dryers Ecologic version.
1. Discharge
2. Central auger
3. Plenum chamber
4. Air duct
5. Centrifugal fan
6. Heat unit
7. Worm gear reducer
8. Roller with ball bearing for slewing ring
9. Agitator
10. Grain cleaner discharge
11. Grain tester
12. Loading auger
13. Belt drive
14. Bevel gear pairs
15. Adjustable jacks
16. PTO shafts
17. Control board
18. Main drive shaft
19. Burner
20. Dust extractor cap
21. Dust extractor fan
22. Big cyclone for dust extractor
23. Small cyclone for dust extractor
The drying method is particularly important when the cereals and legumes are used for human feeding.
AGRIMEC, always focused on the quality of the dried product, after meticulous studies, also result of experience gained directly on farms specialized in organic farming, is able to produce an ecological dryer that maintains all the organoleptic properties and organic characteristics of the various products that have to be dried.
Its functioning is based on the principle to keep separate the air of the combustion of the fuel used (diesel or gas) from the drying air that is in contact with cereals.
The compact structure of the furnace, built with three different types of thermic steel in order to optimize efficiency, allows to keep the dimension of the dryer controlled with no dissipation of thermic energy.